Monday, 27 July 2015

Sledmere House and Gardens

 In June it was my birthday (I'm no longer a teenager. waaaaaaa) so to celebrate myself and my family decided to venture out and enjoy the summer sunshine. After much deliberation Sledmere House was decided on and we jumped in the car for a leisurely drive. 

Since we arrived early afternoon we went straight for lunch in the cute little cafe and a wander around the ground afterwards. We even managed to pop back to the cafe for some cake before leaving (it was my birthday after all!!). As you will see Sledmere House and Gardens is very photogenic and provides a beautiful background for Sunday strolls, summer picnics and family fun. 

What do you think? 
Do you have somewhere like this near you? 

Hannah x 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A flying visit to the capital

So I may not have blogged in a while... in all honesty I think I just lost the energy and passion to do it. However, after starting to read other peoples blogs and look back through some of the things that have happened over the last few months I figured I wanted to get back into it in order to share these experiences. Even if no one even reads these things I think it kind of makes me appreciate and be grateful for what I have done. 

So, skipping back a few months, during Easter my family and I went on a short break to London. We're all big fans of London and hadn't been in a while so figured it was time to revisit. We decided to set off early and drive instead of getting the train. It was glorious weather so instead of sitting in the car all day we thought it a good idea to stop off in Cambridge on route. Like London, we have visited Cambridge before however not for several years. Saying that, it is still as stunning as I remember, the place is beautiful. I know the sunshine could make the grimmest of places look nice but Cambridge is picturesque rain or shine. 

 One thing I couldn't get over was how many bicycles there are! They are literally chained to every single lamp post, gate post and fence in sight, you definitely have to be cautious crossing the roads! 

Whilst in Cambridge we pottered about in the sunshine, went in a couple of shops, giggled at the worried looking tourist trying to punt on the river and finally stopped for a spot of lunch before heading on to London. 

Our hotel was just about 20 minutes from the very centre of London however we were a stones throw away from a tube station so getting in was very easy! Our first stop was Trafalgar Square, a great place to just sit and take in your surroundings. It is also home to the National Gallery if you're into all things art (and all things free!) 

We had a fantastically jam packed day and just wanted to see the sights again really although we had all been before. Good shoes are a MUST though if you are a planning a visit any time soon, we walked for miles! 
Fortnum and Mason 

Houses of Parliament - Big Ben 

One place we had agreed to find was the BBC building so we headed along in the evening with our eyes peeled for any familiar faces. Unintentionally we arrived just before 7pm and soon realised The One Show were about to go on air and film a piece outside! Lets just say my mum and sister were pleased they managed to get their faces on the telly! 

After having just one full day in London, before setting off home, we decided to find the Olympic Park. I really didn't know what to expect visiting the park 3 years after the main event but it was actually really exciting! You could enter the velodrome and see people cycling around, there's a huge playground and plenty of spaces for picnics and I believe you can go swimming in the aquatics centre if you book in advance. The most exciting thing of course is you never know who you are going to bump into...after reading about the medal winners by the aquatics centre we passed Tom Daley on the stairs! Of course he passed us wayyy too quickly and quite frankly we were too starstruck to chase him for a picture so you'll just have to imagine what he looked like! 

Overall a very short but packed few days, which I really really enjoyed! 

Have you every visited London before? 
What's your favourite thing to do?

Thanks for reading!
Hannah x