Friday, 26 September 2014

Autumn/Winter Primark Haul

If you read my last blog post you will be aware that I really like this time of year and everything that comes with it. However one of the main, most obvious reasons I like it is because you get to wear autumny/wintery (?) clothes!
So last week as well as delving into last years purchases, which the majority I had forgotten about I also thought it was about time I went and checked out what Primark had to offer! My city doesn't have a Primark (yet!) so when I want to go I have to make a day of it (an even better excuse to go, in my eyes!!) Sometimes I go in there and find nothing but as you will see there were definitely a few thing that caught my eye!

 1. Tartan scarf - This is actually reversible, 2 for the price of 1! It's a really thick, snuggly scarf perfect for freezing mornings! £6

2. Heart jumper - Sometimes Primark jumpers can feel a bit..meh. Which usually puts me off but this one is super soft and super comfy. £14

3. Jumper with collar - This is my favorite item that I bought because I always try and layer my jumpers with the few shirts I have but I never seem to pull it off! But with this little number it's already done for me!

4. Khaki jersey jumper - Not going to lie this photo doesn't really do this jumper justice but it's super soft and perfect to go with leggings. It's also got a zip going down the back. £10

5. Giraffe onesie - Random purchase but you can't have too many onesies can you!? £11

Hope that gave you a bit of an idea what's available in Primark if you've not had chance to pop in yet. All I need now is the weather to cool down so I can actually where them! 

Hannah x 

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