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Oh Brighton...

So I'm sat here, heating on, slippers on and it's dark outside. Now, don't get me wrong, I do love crisp cold weather when it's acceptable to wear a bobble hat everyday and be in your pyjamas by 7 but, having just flicked through my Instagram I am definitely starting to wish I was back on holiday in the summer! 
Last August my family and I decided to do a mini tour of the south coast of England. We started in Dorset, visiting my favourite town ever - Lyme Regis. After a few days we drove to the New Forest and then to finish we stayed in Brighton. Here's a few snapshots from our final destination of Brighton and some recommendations for you!

On our first evening we had a walk down to the marina. Honestly it felt like we were abroad! As you can tell (unlike our previous British holidays) we were blessed with BEAUTIFUL weather and it really did make it even more enjoyable and memorable. As you can imagine, the marina is full of boats and you can have a walk around the p…

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