Thursday, 19 January 2017

Oh Brighton...

So I'm sat here, heating on, slippers on and it's dark outside. Now, don't get me wrong, I do love crisp cold weather when it's acceptable to wear a bobble hat everyday and be in your pyjamas by 7 but, having just flicked through my Instagram I am definitely starting to wish I was back on holiday in the summer! 

Last August my family and I decided to do a mini tour of the south coast of England. We started in Dorset, visiting my favourite town ever - Lyme Regis. After a few days we drove to the New Forest and then to finish we stayed in Brighton. Here's a few snapshots from our final destination of Brighton and some recommendations for you!

  On our first evening we had a walk down to the marina. Honestly it felt like we were abroad! As you can tell (unlike our previous British holidays) we were blessed with BEAUTIFUL weather and it really did make it even more enjoyable and memorable. As you can imagine, the marina is full of boats and you can have a walk around the perimeter but there are also tonnes of different restaurants, each with their own little terrace (perfect if you have a dog like us!).

We couldn’t wait to get into the centre of Brighton and explore the next day. We wandered around the lanes for hours, popping into almost every little shop that caught our eye. Safe to say I was exhausted once we had finished! Luckily we stumbled across Boho Gelato on our way back to the seafront and thankfully there wasn’t a huge que! They have every flavour you could think of but I highly recommend anything containing Malteser! 

After tiring ourselves out wandering for most of the day, we thought it would be best to come back to the pier later in the evening when we had recuperated and boy am I glad we did! As you can see the sky was stunning and I really had to stop myself from taking a picture all the time and allow myself to just take in the moment. We didn’t realise but dogs aren’t allowed on the pier (gutting I know), so just a warning if you are thinking of taking your pooch! 

On our final day we decided to steer away from the hustle and bustle of the city and head to Seven Sisters Country Park. After it being so busy in Brighton it really was a welcome sight to see the country side and the spectacular views. I would highly recommend a wander along the cliffs followed by a picnic on the pebbled beach. It was perfect. (Apart from the fact that all I wanted to do was paddle in the sea but the pebbles hurt my feet so damn much I gave up! Make sure to pack some jelly or surf shoes!)

Hope this brightened up your January for you (comedy genius). I’m sure Brighton is stunning all year round but I am so pleased I got to see it in the glorious sunshine. I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to get away but can’t be bothered with the hassle of leaving the country. 

What’s your favourite thing to do in Brighton?
Would anyone like to see the rest of our trip?
Hannah x 

Thursday, 5 January 2017

2017 - Time to be positive!

Happy New Year! 

I'm aiming to post on here a bit more this year (see if that happens!). So thought I'd kick of the new year with a suggestion. I don't know about you but I find it quite easy to dwell on negative things and don't always look at the positives. Well actually, I feel I'm good at finding the positives when talking to friends and family about their life but sometimes struggle when it comes to my own!! 

So, after seeing a post on Pinterest about finding the good in everyday I thought I may aswell give it a try. As a third year student I already know this year will probably be a challenge so I want to be feeling more positive! Basically, all you have to do is write down something positive that happened everyday and find a way of documenting it. Seen as though sooooooooo much I do is online, I figured it would be nice for me to do this in a more physical sense so I'm using a lovely tin that my sister got me for Christmas and a little notepad from Ohh Deer. Basically I write the date, one or two lines (depending on how good the day was!) cut it off the notepad, fold it up and pop it in the tin. 

You could also do this in a more public way and share something on Instagram or Facebook, or just write in your diary or journal. I suppose you don't have to do it everyday either, you could just write down memories as they happen. For me though, I think it would be nice to open the tin at the end of the year and go through all the good things that happened. It's easy to remember when things don't quite go to plan so this helps you remember all the little moments that you should be grateful for!

I am going to really try at this, we're on day 5 and I'm still remembering so fingers crossed! 
Have you got anything you've started in the new year? 
Any resolutions? 

Hannah x 

Saturday, 11 June 2016

What I got for my birthday!

It's June which only means one's my birthday! Scarily, I turned 21 last week so I've been celebrating with friends and family. I've been overwhelmed with the kind messages, cards and gifts I've received! Sometimes buying gifts for people can be tricky, so I've decided to share with you a few of the things I was given. In no way is this post to brag about what I got, more so to give inspiration and insight! 

1. Emma Bridgewater Rose & Bee Bedding - If you've seen a previous post which had pictures of my bedroom you will know I love this sort of pattern/ colour scheme for my room. Also, having put this on my bed immediately, it is one of the softest I have ever owned! 

2. A Little Lucky Elephant by Joma Jewellery - I've always loved elephants for some reason, and this cute little bracelet goes perfectly with my elephant necklace. 

3. Olivia Burton watch - I am IN LOVE with this. My particular one is the midi rose gold dial with grey leather strap but they come in all sorts of colour variations and sizes. It is just soooo pretty and to be honest I'm sad when I have to take it off! The only this is though, having not worn a watch for a long time, I still find myself going to my phone to check the time!! 

4. Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette & Lipstick - I've not always been one for make-up and quite frankly I am horrendous at it but I've been trying to experiment a bit more recently so was pleased to open these. I love all the colours, just have to learn to apply them. 

5. Calvin Klein CK2 - I was given a sample of this whilst shopping a few months ago and have loved it ever since, From what I have read this is Calvin Klein's new gender neutral perfume, therefore it is aimed at both boys and girls. I really can't describe the smell but I don't personally think it smells too "manly", next time your in a fragrance section you'll have too have a sniff! For me I like it when the bottle is really pretty and makes a nice feature on your dresser but I suppose that's what you get for liking a gender neutral perfume. 

6. Toblerone - Because they're not really something I would ever buy for myself as they're just too big but I blooming love them. 

7. nspa Spa Skincare Box - This is perfect for someone who wants to look after their skin without owning a million and one products. The gift set comes with 4 numbered, travel sized products including a cleansing gel, hot cloth cleaner, illuminating serum and brightening day cream. For someone who can be lazy with skincare and not always sure about which products you are meant to use first this is a really useful present. Also, nspa is exclusive to Asda which would suggest it is a lot more affordable than other skincare brands. 

And there you have it, a mini round up of just some of the items I received for my birthday. I should also add, with the money I was gifted I have signed up to Papergang which is a monthly subscription box from Ohh Each month you are sent a selection of stationary items, cards and illustrations and I am so excited for my first box to arrive, its going to be like a birthday which lasts 6 months! 

Hope this has given you a bit of inspiration if you are buying for someone soon or even if you have a birthday coming up! 

Do you have a go to gift that you give people? Do you even like buying gifts for others? 

Hannah x 

Monday, 6 June 2016

Spaniels and Steam Trains

One of the things I worried about when deciding to get a dog was how much it would effect where we could go on days out as there are many places you can't take a pup! However, for this short break away we took Milo everywhere...including a steam train! 

Here's a few photos from our most recent adventures in the Yorkshire Dales. Although it was freezing, we had to make the most of it so one day we traveled on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway stopping at Oxenhope and Haworth. Haworth in particular is a stunning little town with the cutest main street which runs up a huge hill (we had the best deal as we were walking down!). It's safe to say we were a little anxious about taking Milo on the train however, he behaved so well and I think he enjoyed it! He seemed a little uncertain a first but is used to travelling in the car so I he soon began to relax, so much so he fell asleep peering out of the window and basking in the sun whilst cuddled up on my lap! 

Have you ever visited the Yorkshire Dales? 
Which strange places have you taken your pup?

Hannah x 

Monday, 23 May 2016

A to Z of me


I figured I haven’t really spoke much about me so far so thought I would do an A-Z. Basically, I’ve thought of a word to describe me or it might be something I like etc, it’s actually harder than you think! Hope this gives you a little insight to little old me! 

A – Alcohol. I don’t like/ don’t drink alcohol (SHOCK HORROR… a student that doesn’t drink!)
B – Brunette. All natural, never been one to experiment with hair colour
C – Chocolate. I genuinely don’t know how people survive a day without it.
D – Drama. I love a who dunnit? or family drama series like Dr Foster/ Shetland/ Broadchurch
E – English Countryside and beaches. One of the main things I notice when I travel abroad is how ugly their countryside is in comparison to ours! Walks through fields and along sandy beaches are my favourite.
F – Family & Friends. I hate being alone!!
G – Grey. Got a slight obsession with grey things
H – Home. I’m probably the biggest home bird going, most students are globe-trotting (or wishing they were globe-trotting), meanwhile I’m quite happy in my little city
I – Instagram. I have a love hate relationship with this at the moment! Love the fact I have somewhere to share my snaps. Hate the fact I’m constantly comparing myself to everyone I follow!
J – Job. I still have little idea of exactly what I want to do when I graduate
K – Kind. Such a boring word but I’d like to think people see me as kind!
L – Lovely Hannah. How I am often described.
M – Milo. Our beautiful, disobedient and adorable Cocker Spaniel.
N- Natural. I didn’t wear any make up until I left school and even now I only where a minimal amount, I think that’s more due to my laziness and lack of knowledge as opposed to not needing it!
O- Over thinker. I stress about stress before there’s anything to stress about, also known as chief worrier in the family.
P- Perfect. I quite like things to be perfect (or at least how I imagined them in my head).
Q- Queen. I frigging love The Queen and the rest of the Royal Family
R – Retail. I currently work in retail selling tea, coffee, cake and all kinds of tasty treats!
S – Sport. I’ve loved playing sport, especially netball, since a young age.
T- Theatre. One of my favourite things to do! Love a good musical or going to see a band.
U – University. I’m currently a student (although you’ve probably guessed I don’t really fit the stereotype!)
V – Vomit. Constantly worrying about being sick or those around me feeling unwell.
W – Water. My go to drink, rarely leave the house without a bottle.
X – Xmas. Again a bit of a love hate thing. I LOVE the fact it brings people together but hate the pressures that come alongside that, where people feel they have to spend lots of money and see every member of their family. It’s a tiring time of year!
Y – Yorkshire. I’m so not bias, it’s 100% the best county and damn I love it.
Z – Zzzzzzz. Yes…I’m that person that counts how many hours sleep they are going to get when they get into bed and I get mardy if I stay up too late.

Is that what you expected?! I personally love reading these types of posts and seeing how people view themselves! I challenge you to have a go...

Hannah x 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

5 things to do this summer

Firstly I must acknowledge the fact that I haven't posted in a while. As you can appreciate, it's been exam/assignment writing season over the past few months so I've spent most of my free time either reading/writing/ in lectures or working and when I've finished the last thing I want to do is pick up my laptop again. However, that stressful little period is now well and truly over (for a few months) and I now have the summer to myself. For many people I know, summer is a time to go off on multiple adventures abroad but, being the home bird that I am, that doesn't appeal to me as much. Having said that, I still like to feel I have done something with my time off and not wasted it! I get bored really easily so it's important I keep busy! With that in mind, I've come up with a small but realistic list of things I want to make sure I do in the next few months. For some people, these may seem small and not very challenging so it's important to remember lists like these are relative to the individual! It's mainly a place for me to refer back to if I have a spare moment and I'm not sure what to do with myself. 

1. Volunteer - Summer is a great time to try something new and fully immerse yourself without the worried of university looming, I have a few places I regularly volunteer but I will also be looking for new opportunities which may be appropriate to push me out of my comfort zone. 

2. Exercise - I find that, during a busy working period, exercise definitely takes a back seat. I want to make sure I don't spend the summer sat on back side and make sure I get out and burn some calories! I've recently rejoined by old netball team but I'm also thinking of starting the couch to 5k app again, I did manage to do this last year but think I'll be back to square one again! 

3. Blog - As much as I HATE writing assignments, I think it's important to keep writing over summer so that I don't have such a shock when I return next year. Obviously blogging is wayyyyy more exciting than academic writing so I'm planning to post regularly. This gives me the opportunity to develop my creativity and take lots of nice pictures!

4. Find new places - It's so easy to always return to your favorite place all the time so I would like to investigate new places to visit over the summer by going to places I've never been before, these don't have to be a million miles away, it might just be trying a new cafe or something like that. I have planned a trip to Brighton in the summer though with my family which I am super excited about! Just hoping the sun stays around until then! 

5. Find the good in every day- Personally, I find it so easy to think I have wasted a day, or not really achieved anything that day, and, whilst it's not necessary to achieve something everyday I think it's important to feel like you have done at least one thing, or something good happened. Competing the 100 Happy Days challenge really helped me appreciate the good in everyday, so whilst I may not post about it everyday, I do want to take a moment to think about the good in each day. 

Like I say, these might seem a little tedious to some people but for it's important to have goals that are realistic to you. I could quite easily say I want to travel the world but I know what wouldn't happen! Have you got any plans over the summer? If anyone has any summer projects too I would love to hear about them! 

Hannah x 

Monday, 22 February 2016

A few bargains...

Hello, hello

So I may have purchased a few things over the last couple of months... However, they were all a good deal so thought I would share them with you. Who doesn't love to have a nosy at what bargains are out there! 

Now, if you asked my mum or sister to describe me in a top, or make a top which they know I would love, this would definitely be it. Having sorted out my wardrobe today I have eight (yes eight) tops with varying length sleeves and colours  but all with horizontal stripes! Burgandy/ Maroon is my favourite colour to wear though so when I saw this in the Jack Wills sale I knew I had to get it. I would never have bought it full price but, as you will have guessed, I am a sucker for a bargain. 

This second item is a fine knit jumper from Primark. The picture makes it look like a mustard colour but it is actually khaki. I already have this in maroon and wear it all the time, so when I spotted this reduced to £5 it was a must have!

The next few things need little description really. The dress was in the January sale at Topshop and the shoes were from New Look, I'm yet to where these yet but hoping they are a good alternative to boots which I also wear ALL the time. Finally, there's the Jack Wills headband which again, I would never have bought full price as I think £16.50 for a headband is a teeny bit pricey but this was reduced to £4.50! I've worn it all weekend so I've already got my moneys worth! 


Hope you enjoyed that little nosey at what I've purchased recently.
Have you found any good bargains in the sales after Christmas? 

Hannah x